Bi-Fold Doors,  Stacking Doors, Pocket Doors, & Moving Glass Walls in Santa Cruz County, CA

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The Skylight Place leads the way in windows, doors, and custom glass for homeowners in Santa Cruz, Aptos, Capitola, and surrounding areas. Our innovative selection of bi-fold doors, stacking doors, and moving glass walls are manufactured with the highest quality materials and designs on the market. They combine elevated style and smooth function, providing homeowners with exceptional aesthetics and effortless handling. We've served area homes with the highest level of excellence since 1971. If you want to seamlessly integrate the inside and outside areas of your home, our expert team will guide and advise you on our products and help you pick the perfect solution for your needs.

Bi-Fold and Slide Benefits

We offer a wide selection of multifold and multi-slide doors to elevate your home. Here’s why you should consider choosing them:

  • Open Spaces: Folding and sliding mechanisms allow homeowners to open up an entire wall or just part of it so they can choose the amount of space in their home.
  • Full Views and Light: Both door types typically feature large glass panels that offer wide, uninterrupted views of the outdoors and allow adequate natural light.
  • Modern Design: The minimalistic framing contributes to a clean, modern look that complements contemporary homes and dwellings.
Multi Fold Doors
Multi-Fold Doors

Effortless Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors open up by first unlocking a master door panel. When pushed or pulled, the panels fold against each other in a zigzag pattern, stacking neatly at the side of the opening. Some bi-fold doors can be configured to fold internally or externally, and the folding panels can be divided evenly on both sides of the opening or stacked entirely on one side, depending on the design and available space. Their innovative design and smooth operation combine functionality with aesthetic appeal, transforming living spaces and extending them outside.

Convenient Multi-Sliding and Stacking Doors

Multi-sliding or stacking doors operate on a track system installed at the top and bottom of the door opening. This track can have multiple channels, allowing several panels to slide over one another. Each panel has rollers at the bottom to glide smoothly along the track. The quality of the rollers and the track's design are crucial for ensuring easy operation, especially with larger, heavier panels. Multi-sliding or stacking doors can cover wide openings, making them ideal for integrating living spaces with patios, gardens, or balconies. Their energy-efficient glass and sealing mechanisms help maintain indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs. Stacking doors can also be designed to slide into a pocket or compartment at either end of the opening to completely disappear to maximize space and create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces.
Multi Slide Doors

We Provide Expert Guidance

If you think a multifold or multi-sliding door will improve your home's style, beauty, and efficiency, we encourage you to reach out to our team. Our sales reps are fully factory-certified. Their knowledge of our door selection is unmatched, and they'll help you to dwindle your options until you discover the perfect solution for your home. Countless homeowners have chosen us for their door replacement and services because we offer the following:

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Experienced Craft

We’ve served area homeowners with their window, door, and glass needs to the fullest for over 50 years, earning a sterling reputation for excellence.
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Top Expertise

Our technicians and salespeople are completely factory-trained and AAMA-certified. They know everything about our products and how they can benefit you.
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Seamless Installation

Our installations are quick, careful, and done right the first time. Our process will put your mind at ease and boost your confidence in our work.

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